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Embeddable Online Booking Engine

Your hotel’s website is your most profitable sales channel. The Smart Web PMS booking engine will help you convert visitors into guests.

Our booking engine is easy to install, multilingual and can be customized to match your website look and feel. It has a simple user friendly interface and probably one of the best ranges of features on the market place to cover all your needs:

  • Packages – combine your rooms with other products to create unique offerings which help generate an increase of the revenue per booking.
  • Pricing Rules – you can specify various promotions like long term bookings, early bird or last minute bookings, stay X nights - pay for Y nights and weekend discounts. Smart Web PMS's booking engine will automatically display the best offer to the visitor.
  • Restrictions – Minimum and Maximum stay, No check-in/out dates
  • Availability calendar appears when property is not available on specific dates which helps to improve conversion when visitor is flexible with travel dates
  • Security deposit - you can setup it so a security deposit will be charged at the moment of reservation. You can specify security deposit as a percentage of the booking amount or the room price times X nights
  • Group Bookings – visitors allowed to select and book multiple rooms at once
  • Virtual Rooms – sell your entire property at once or combine adjoined rooms and offer them together as a family room
  • Instant confirmation to guest via email and SMS. Also you can turn it to “On-Request” mode if necessary

Smart Web PMS Online Booking module works with all major PC and Mac browsers and most popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Win phone.

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