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How you protecting a sensitive and private data? 

All sensitive information stored in DB are encoded, so even our employee can't access to guest's billing information. Additionally we are using industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect every important interaction you have with the system.

How you backup the information? 

All information is backup twice per day. All backups are stored on separate secure servers.

How I can manage access levels for my employee? 

There is a powerful access level management system. You can grant access to only some functional areas. You can choose if you would like to grant full access or read-only access. Also you can separate access by property, so for example manager from Hotel AAA has full access to his information and functionality, but only limited or partial access to Hotel BBB information and functionality.

To update user's access level go to the "Settings" > "Users", select a user and click the "Edit" button. Then go to the Access Level Details section. You can choose one of predefined access levels in the Predefined Access Level by Property dropdown or manually pick what sections should be allowed.

Here are the answers to some common questions about access levels.

Can I create an account for my vendors/suppliers? 

Yes. You can create e.g. an account for your maintenance or transportation company and give them access to particular workorder category, but not to the rest of the system.

Can I setup access for owners/partners so they are able to see only particular reports? 

Yes, you can select what reports should be visible for each user.

What is PIN code and where I can set that? 

For additional security reasons after 30 minutes of inactivity system will be automatically locked. To unlock the system you must enter the PIN code or username and password again. PIN code might be setup in the Settings > My Info. PIN code will be accepted by the system only if you previously entered the username and password via the standard login form. If you entered PIN code incorrectly 3 times you'll be redirected to standard login form. If your PIN code is not setup yet you can switch to standard login form by clicking on the Switch to standard login form link.

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